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phplist Documentation

Configuration Functions : Documentation

It is important to spend some time configuring phplist properly to suit your needs.

General Configuration

Main page: Configure phplist
  • configure domain name, system email address
  • configure default system messages
  • configure default system settings
  • configure default header/footer
This page allows you to configure essential elements about your system, such as the domain name of your website, the system email address, the default messages received by users when they (un)subscribe or update their preferences, as well as other default configs such as: default header/footer on the subscribe pages, default RSS features, etc.


Main page: Configure Attributes
  • Create/modify attributes available on your system
  • Attribute Values: Add, delete attribute values
phplist allows you to add Attributes to your system. Instead of having only an email identifying each user as in an ordinary mailing list, you can add an attribute for their first name, another for their last name, an attribute listing countries in which the user may reside, an attribute proposing a series of favourite meals, etc. Thus, Phplist can become not only a mailing list system, but also a real subscriber database.

Subscribe Pages

Main page: Configure spage
phplist requires that you set up at least one subscribe page. This is the public page through which your users can subscribe to lists. You can ask users to fill up other fields in addition to their email.

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