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Phplist Documentation Configuration functions

Configure the Subscribe Page

Phplist requires that you set up at least one subscribe page. This is the public page through which your users can subscribe to lists. You can ask users to fill up other fields in addition to their email. These extra fields are the attributes you have created in your system (see: 'What is an attribute?'). On a subscribe page, you can use all, some or none of the available attributes. You can create several subscribe pages, but one page will always be the default subscribe page. Likewise, for each subscribe page you must select the list(s) you want users to be able to subscribe to.


Create multiple subscribe pages.

This page allows you to create pages that are used for users to subscribe to your lists.

You can select any set of attributes and lists that are defined in your system.
Values for attributes default to your global attribute values, but you can re-order them,
and add different default values. You can also change whether an attribute is required or not.
This will only have an effect on the requiredness of the attributes when users use a page to sign up.

Subscribe Pages title edit del view status owner default [radio]
3 Email Only edit del view active admin
2 Everything edit del view active joe
add a new one

Subscribe Pages
This is the ID of the subscribe page. Each subscribe page has a unique ID which is used mainly for internal (technical) purposes.
This is the title of the page. It will appear on the top of the page, as well as in the homepage for your system in which all the subscribe pages are listed, along with a link for users to unsubscribe from your mailinglists.
A subscribe page is either active or not active. If it is active, it appears in the list of subscribe pages in the homepage for your system, and users can access it.
Each subscribe page is owned by an admin. Only that admin can edit the subscribe page.
Only one of the subscribe pages listed here can be chosen as the default subscribe page.
add a new one
To add a new subscribe page.

Editing/Creating a Subscribe page

To create, edit, view or delete a subscribe page, you must choose the appropriate link: edit / del / view / add a new one.
view will enable you to see what the subscribe page looks like for the public (frontend).
del will delete the subscribe page.
edit and add a new one are self-explanatory. See: editing a subscribe page for more details.

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