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phplist Development

Development Environment

To set up your development environment, do the following:

(or at least this is how I have things set up)

On my linux machine I have apache, mysql and php (obviously)

Apache is configure with two virtualhosts:
ServerName phplist-dev.loc
DocumentRoot /home/cvs/phplist/public_html
SetEnv ConfigFile /home/configdev.php

ServerName phplist.loc
DocumentRoot /home/cvs/phplist/public_html
SetEnv ConfigFile /home/cvs/phplist/public_html/lists/config/config.php

and then in your /etc/hosts file you add the necessary hosts to be

I actually have more, ie ones that point to a config file for clients, so I can check that things work (particularly upgrade) for clients.
It's not working on a live version of the client, but a recent copy.

Now /home/svn/phplist is my local checkout of the Subversion repository, and the version in it will always end in -dev. The version is changed by a "publish" script that I have running on the live server (that has and it checks the VERSION file every so often and automatically rolls out a new version, when the VERSION file changes. It then sets the VERSION
in the script to the related version and voila, we have a new version.

The version being <>-dev causes any email to be sent to me. I initially had my email address hard coded in the system, but that's not useful if I get emails from other developers testing, so I have added $GLOBALS['developer_email'] as the email that test emails go to, which you can set in your dev config file.

I have put the FCKeditor in it's own "module" _FCKeditor, so it is easier to make updates when new versions come out. At time of releasing a new version this will have to be merged in the admin directory. For now I will leave the one in admin, but I will remove it once the integration is more complete.
In order to use that version, delete the FCKeditor from the admin directory and add a symlink to the FCKeditor directory in the _FCKeditor module of CVS.

Now in my "dev" config, I have things set to work as normal.

TEST is 0
$installation_name is "Development"
$developer_email is your email
error_reporting is 63 (or simply commented out, so it is default, I don't care too much about "Notices"

And any of the features I want, most of them, are all enabled.

Then of course, you will want to run phplist from Subversion

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