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Editing Admins: Documentation

The admins page allows you to add, edit and remove Administrators (also called admins, see 'What is an admin?') from your PHPlist system. This page also allows you to set the permissions for each administrator. You can access the admins page by clicking on 'admins' under the 'Administrator functions' heading on the main page.

Admin page: Description

# Administrators
Indicates the total number (#) of admins in the database.

Find an admin: [empty text field] go
Allows you to search for admin(s). Procedure:
  1. Type in the search text in the [empty text field].
Note: you can input part of a word to find a match. For example: typing 'ohn' will find 'John', as well as 'Johnny' or 'Gohn'. No wildcards, such as * or ?, are allowed.
  1. Click Go.

Administrators del
admin del
listadmin del
listadmin2 del

This lists the admins on the system (admin, listadmin, listadmin2 in this example). Clicking on del will delete the admin.

add new admin
To add a new admin to your system. For more, see below: Creating a new admin.

import list of admins
To import a list of admins from a file: see ImportAdminsInfo.

Creating a new admin: procedure

To create a new admin: click on add new admin, and fill in the following lines:
To edit an existing admin: click on the admin's name in the table listing all the admins in the system, then edit the following lines:

Admin Details:

ID 4
Login Name (max 25 chars) listadmin
Normalised loginname listadmin
Time Created 2002-05-31 10:37:15
Time modified 20020531111727
Modified by listadmin
Password password
Last time password was changed 0000-00-00
Is this user Super Admin? 1
Is this account disabled? 0

Short description:
Login Name (max 25 chars)
Login names may contain a space (as in 'Admin One')
Normalised loginname
What's the difference between this and the loginname? What's the use of having this here?
Normalized login name is the login name in lowercase with spaces replaced by underbars. This is the machine-friendly version of the login name.
This email will be used as the default outgoing email when this admin tries to send a message. verify
Modified by
Displays the name of the (super)admin which last changed this account
Note: the password is not encrypted. Can it use any characters? ?
Is this user Super Admin?
0=no, 1=yes. SuperAdmins have all permissions. If you want to set admin permissions, choose 0. If you want to set this admin as a SuperAdmin, choose 1.
Is this account disabled?
0=no, 1=yes. A superadmin can (temporarily) disable an admin account. This admin cannot login until his/her account is enabled again by the superadmin

Once you have typed the appropriate information, click on: save changes

When you edit or create an admin, you should also take special care in setting admin permissions properly. See SettingAdminPermissionsInfo for details.

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