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Editing or Creating a Subscribe Page

To edit or create a subscribe page, you must click on one of the links in the Configuring Subscribe Pages page.
Despite its apparent complexity, editing or creating a subscribe page is easy. Apart from creating a personalized header, footer, confirmation messages, etc., (if you choose to use something different than what comes with the standard phplist installation) you can only select what you have already created: attributes and lists. Creating proper attributes and attribute values, as well as determining how you will use your lists is the real challenge. You can easily modify your subscribe page as time goes by, but modifying attributes and lists can be extremely complex and disruptive.


This page allows you to create pages that are used for users to subscribe to your lists.

You can select any set of attributes and lists that are defined in your system.
If a list or attribute is not listed here, you need to add them first.
Values for attributes default to your global attribute values,
but you can re-order them here, and add different default values.
You can also change whether an attribute is required or not.
This will only have an effect on the requiredness of the attributes when
users use this page to sign up.
It is important to understand how attributes and attribute values are created and chosen. For more, see Configure attributes.

General Information

Title [text field]
This will appear in the top of the page.
Intro [text field]
This will appear on the subscribe page only, not in subsequent pages (for example: confirmation page, update preferences page, etc.) Can contain HTML code.
Header [text field]
Self-explanatory. Can contain HTML code.
Footer [text field]
Self-explanatory. Can contain HTML code.
Thank you page [text field]
Can contain HTML code.
Text for Button [text field]
By default the submit button will display "Subscribe to the Selected Newsletters". The button text can be changed here for the subscribe you are currently editing.

HTML Email choice

You must select one option. This will determine to what extent your users are allowed to select the format in which they will receive your messages:
Don't offer choice, default to text [radio]
Don't offer choice, default to HTML [radio]
Offer checkbox for text [radio]
Offer checkbox for HTML [radio]
Radio buttons, default to text [radio]
Radio buttons, default to HTML [radio]

Display Email confirmation

In order to reduce the risk of typos when a subscriber enters his email address, you can let phpList display an email confirmation field beneath the email field. This will require the user to enter his email address twice. If you wish to display this email confirmation field, make sure Display email confirmation is selected.
Display email confirmation [radio]
Don't display email confirmation [radio]

Message they receive when they subscribe

This is the first email they receive after subscribing. It should be clearly marked as an email that requires immediate action: confirmation of their subscription.
Subject [text field]
Message [text field]
Self-explanatory. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include a [CONFIRMATIONURL] placeholder somewhere in the message. This is the link which allows your users to confirm their subscription. If the users cannot confirm their subscription, they will be considered as not confirmed by the system, and no messages will be sent to them. It is also a good idea to include another placeholder: [LISTS] which will include the lists the user chose to subscribe to.

Message they receive when they confirm their subscription

This is the second email they receive after confirming their subscription. It should be clearly marked as an email which should be kept for reference, with links enabling them to unsubscribe or update their information.
Subject [text field]
Message [text field]
Self-explanatory. IMPORTANT: Please include the following placeholder in the message [UNSUBSCRIBEURL]. This is a link allowing the user to unsubscribe from your system. It is also a good idea to include two other placeholders: [LISTS] which will include the lists the user chose to subscribe to, and [PREFERENCESURL] which allows users to return to their file to edit/update their information.

Select the attributes to use

At this point, you can select the attributes available in your system which you want to use in this subscribe page. The same attribute can be used in several subscribe pages. An attribute does not have to be used in any subscribe page. In that case, it is a hidden attribute: subscribers can never see it.
Attribute: 13 Check this box to use this attribute in the page [checkbox]
Name: Membership Expiry Date
Type: [pulldown menu]
Default Value: [text field]
Order of Listing: [text field] Is this attribute required?: [checkbox]
In this example, the internal ID for the Attribute called "Membership Expiry Date" is 13. This cannot be modified. Order of listing corresponds to the order in which this attribute will appear in the subscribe page only. Is this attribute required? will put the attribute in red on the subscribe page and require users to fill in that attribute before confirming their subscription. The rest is self-explanatory or can be understood by reading more about attributes.

RSS settings

Self-explanatory. The Intro Text will appear above the radio button(s) enabled.
Intro Text [text field]
[checkbox] Offer option to receive Daily (default [radio])
[checkbox] Offer option to receive Weekly (default [radio])
[checkbox] Offer option to receive Monthly (default [radio])

Select the lists to offer

test [checkbox] List for testing.

Owner: [pulldown menu]
Self-explanatory. There is only one owner per subscribe page.

Save Changes
Save and Activate
For a subscribe page to be available to the subscribers, you must first activate it.
Save and Deactivate
A deactivated subscribe page will not be listed in the available pages for regular users. This feature is useful if you are "preparing" a subscribe page.

Note: If you have only one list, you will propably want to hide the options and automatically subscribe users the active list. To do it, simple go to the configuration page and change this setting to "true":

"if there is only one visible list, should it be hidden in the page and automatically subscribe users who sign up (0/1)" => true

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