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Email to Fax plugin

The email to fax plugin allows you to send message from phplist to users who will receive the email by fax. You will need to get an email2fax gateway provider in order for this to work. Also, even though the development has been made as flexible as possible, it has only been tested with one provider, although other providers should be able to process the emails in a similar way.


htmldoc ( make sure to get the correct licensed version for your situation.
phplist version 2.11.2 or up
also, you need permission to run the "system" command in PHP, so it's unlike safe mode will work.


Get phplist 2.11.2 or up
update your PLUGIN_ROOTDIR to point to the "plugins" directory
alternatively, you can put your plugins somewhere else, but then you will need to update the "coderoot" variable in the "email2fax.php" class file.

once installed a link "email2fax" should show up on the right menu in phplist.


clicking this will provide you some options to configure email 2 fax:

- provider domain -> the domain for the provider of your email 2 fax gateway
- fax attribute -> the attribute of the user profiles that holds the fax number for the user
- prefix in address -> a prefix to add to the address when sending faxes to the gateway
- format for To line -> the final destination email created from it's parts. A good example is [prefix][faxnumber]@[providerdomain]
- Send Fax as -> this will tell htmldoc what format to put the output in. If you want to include images in your fax, the only option that is likely to work is PDF.
- htmldoc binary location -> the command to run for htmldoc, eg /usr/bin/htmldoc
- htmldoc commandline options -> additional commandline options to htmldoc. Read the htmldoc documentation to find out more, but these will work (all on one line)

--no-toc --footer ./D --header lt. --browserwidth 800 --no-strict 
--size A4 --pagemode fullscreen --webpage  
--bodycolor ffffff --bodyfont helvetica --textcolor 000000 
--compression=9 --textfont helvetica --fontsize 12 
--fontspacing 1 --color --firstpage p1 
--headfootfont Courier --headfootsize 8 --linkstyle underline 

additionally, if you want to add a "masthead" image to your faxes, you can use something like:

--logoimage /home/myhome/masthead.png

to point to an image on the server that holds the masthead image.


When all is set up correctly, the plugin will add an option to the "Send format" TAB on the "Send a Message" page, called "fax". So to send faxes, you would choose "Send as Fax".

This will send an email to the fax gateway, that has the final destination of the fax number for the user with a PDF attachment, that will be the fax, which is the HTML version of the email converted into PDF.


As the FAX will not be clickable, it will be useless to put [UNSUBCRIBE] or [PREFERENCES] in the email, as in the HTML version, this will be converted to "This Link" which will be the bit that would show in the fax. Instead use [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] or [PREFERENCESURL] in the footer, so that the entire URL is displayed and the user can type this in a webbrowser to use them.

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