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phplist Development

Feature Requests (most wanted features)

Being software, phplist will never be finished. We try to keep track of the most wanted features in our bug tracker mantis and the forums. The main development roadmap for phplist is to develop a plugin system that will allow for easier addition of functionality to the solid base.

Apart from that, most wanted features we are aware of are:
  • Customisable front end, some templating system that will enable full manipulation of the data coming from the core.
    • enhanced customization of public forms
      • easy integration of subscribe, preferences, and unsubscribe forms into existing website pages. F1
      • allow redirection to custom public pages (e.g. confirmation and thank you pages). M1, F1, F2
    • multiple content areas in message templates. F1, F-2, M1
    • enhanced customization of system messages.
      • allow placeholders for custom attributes in system messages. F1, M1
      • configurable format selection of system messages (HTML or text). F1
    • enhanced placeholder/attribute functionality.
      • allow placeholders in subject line of messages. F1, F2
      • placeholder(s) for current date, month, year. F1
      • conditional placeholder display. M1, F1
      • include an 'empty value prefix' in the date attribute. F1
      • placeholder to insert link to an online version of a sent message. F1, F2, F3
    • Separate language file text strings for subscribe, unsubscribe and preferences links. F1
  • Disconnect users from the database, so phplist can slot into third party solutions. D1, F1
  • Provide API to manipulate phplist from third party solutions. D1, F1, F2
  • Sequential auto-responder functionality M1, M2
  • Full multi-language support for frontend. M1, F1
  • Additional user management functions: tagging by selection criteria, manual blacklisting of users, deletion of blacklisted or unconfirmed users, F1, F2, M1.
  • Blacklisting certain domains, so user cannot subscribe with emails from those domains. M1, M2
  • Statistics and reporting.
    • improved export functionality for data analysis and statistical reporting with third party solutions.
      • include additional selectable fields, e.g. bounce count, blacklisted users, unconfirmed users . F1, F2, F3
    • monitoring progress in message sending process, to help detect problems in mailqueue processing. F1, F2, F1
  • Enhanced admin permissions.
    • template permissions. M1, F1, F2
    • configurable list ownership by multiple admins. F1

We hope that once 2.11 is released, the plugin system will inspire you to contribute some of the above.

  • Note: Explanation of references:
  • D1 - reference to documentation wiki
  • F1 - reference to forum thread
  • M1 - reference mantis report

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