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phplist Documentation

System requirements for phplist.

phplist is developed and tested with the following server software:
The developers use the following setup:

Local test setup

phplist also runs on Windows, with Apache, PHP and MySQL. We recomend XAMPP server to run phplist on windows for testing and development.


phplist also runs on MacOSX, with Apache, PHP and MySQL. MacOSX has Apache built-in which works fine but the PHP installation is not sufficient. We recomend the XAMPP(intel) or MAMP(PPC) mac-ready installations to run phplist on macs.

Microsoft IIS

Users have also reported that phplist can be adapted for Microsoft IIS web server. This is not currently supported, but you can find more information here phplist IIS or by searching the forums. It is likely that phplist runs with older versions of PHP, but it is not recommended.


It is recommended to add [[IMAP support to your PHP installation. In order to allow phplist to automatically process your bounces, this is a requirement.

ADOdb support

phplist now also incorporates ADOdb which should make it more likely to run on other database than MySQL, but this has not been tested by the developers, and we have not received many reports about it yet.


As for the MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), the developers use Qmail, but there should not be any MTA dependency for phplist, provided sending mail from PHP works on your system.

PHP safe mode

It is highly recommended to run phplist with "safe mode" in PHP off. We have done all we could to make it work in safe mode, but once you get to systems with more than 500 users, it is likely to cause problems. Also, in safe mode, the automatic bounce processing of phplist will NOT WORK.

Basic phplist Concepts
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