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phplist allows you to import RSS feeds and input the imported items in messages. See RSS Functions for details on how to use RSS functions.


Clicking on Get RSS in the phplist main menu will retrieve RSS feeds for all the RSS feeds tied to your system.

You have two lists with two RSS feeds, when you click on Get RSS, you get the following report:

Downloading RSS Feeds
15 items, 13 new items

In the first RSS feed, the import failed for some reason (you can try to check your RSS source to see if it's valid). In the second RSS feed, the import succeeded, and 13 new items were imported (supposing that you had already imported 2 items).

Another reason the import might fail is some ISPs restrict the ability of a PHP program to go out and grab content off other pages. (Can someone add details--how to check whether your PHP version is setup to do this or not?)

The retrieval of RSS feeds through GetRSS can be automated by using a commandline script and/or a cron job. Remember to change the following setting in the config.php file:

# if you have set up a cron to download the RSS entries, you can set this to be 0

Purge RSS

If you are experimenting with RSS feeds or your feeds get messed up somehow, you may want to purge the RSS feeds. The purgerss link is found on the Main Page under RSS Functions.

Once on the PurgeRss page, you simply enter the number of days back to purge the RSS entries and hit enter. NOTE: PHPList 2.10.2 (and possibly other versions) has a bug on this page--you must enter a negative number for the days to purge. For instance, to purge entries for 10 days back, enter -10, or to purge 30 days enter -30.

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