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phplist Development

How to submit a patch to phplist.

In order to submit a patch, you need to be running phplist from CVS. That is all explained in other pages. When you make changes, make sure to test it well. That means, at least go through the normal sequence of the system, which is:
  1. create a list
  2. create a subscribe page, using the list
  3. subscribe as a user to the list
  4. send the list a test message, both in html and text

Then, once you've made all your changes go to the phplist root directory, the one containing the public_html directory and the COPYING file and do
cvs up just to make sure, you're working with the latest CVS code
cvs -Q diff -Bcb > your_patch_file_name.diff provided the above up didn't result in any conflicts.

some people like to call it whatever.patch, which is fine by me, filename is a bit irrelevant, but some descriptive name may be useful.

Then you go to mantis and you create an issue where you upload your patch and you add a description of what it resolves.
Make sure to indicate clearly whether your patch is against the development CVS branch or the stable CVS branch.

This should result in the best chances to get stuff into phplist. It makes it easy to add your patch to the code and won't result in loads of work for others to figure out what you've done and why. important is to identify in your issue what you're trying to fix or add and how you've done it.

just as a note (partly to myself), applying the patch requires doing

patch -p0 < patch_file.diff

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