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Phplist Documentation Administrator Functions

Import admins: documentation

Here you can add multiple administrators to your system.

Warning: No default permissions have been defined, please create default permissions first, by creating one dummy admin and assigning the default permissions to this admin

The file you upload will need to contain the administrators you want to add to the system. The columns need to have the following headers: email, loginname, password. Any other columns will be added as admin attributes. Warning: the file needs to be plain text. Do not upload binary files like a Word Document.

File containing emails:
Field Delimiter:
(default is TAB)

Record Delimiter:
(default is line break)

If you check "Test Output", you will get the list of parsed emails on screen, and the database will not be filled with the information. This is useful to find out whether the format of your file is correct. It will only show the first 50 records.

Test output:

Check this box to create a list for each administrator, named after their loginname

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