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List all Messages

This page allows you to see the list of sent, draft, queued and RSS messages. This is useful not only to verify the status of a message, but also to view statistics and to edit, requeue, or re-send a message to the same or different lists.

There are four tabs corresponding to the status of a message:
sent tab
draft tab
queued tab
RSS tab

We will describe the sent tab in detail, as it contains most of the options that are found in the remaining 3 tabs.


You can use "Requeue" to resend a message.
This will cause the message to be sent to users who have subscribed after you sent the message.
It will not be sent to users who have already received the message.
If you view a message, you will be able to resend it to a different list

# Messages
Indicates the total number (#) of messages you are allowed to view.

Listing message 1 to 10
If there are many messages, the first 10 messages will be listed. You can then browse the following/previous pages to view the rest of the users:
Listing message 1 to 10
<< < > >>
Clicking on the double < or >> will display the first or last page of users on the list.
Clicking on the single or > will display the next page of users on the list.

Sent tab

In the Sent tab, you have a table divided in three sections:
Message info Status Action

Each section is sub-divided: Message info / Status / Action

Message info
Example: Name This is the 'From' line in the send a message Content tab.
Example: I love phplist. This is the 'Subject' line in the send a message Content tab.
Example: 2005-01-01 10:01:18. This is the time at which the message was composed and saved or submitted.
Example: 2005-01-01 10:01:00. This is the time at which the message must be sent out. See the scheduling tab in the Send a message page for more details.

Sent: 2005-01-01 10:01:58
Time to send: 1 secs
total text html both PDF both
3 0 0 2 0 0

Viewed 2
Unique Views 2
Clicks 5
For explanations, please see Statistics

This allows you to view the message, with information on the lists it was sent to, the criteria selected, etc. In addition to this, you can then send the message to other lists.
This allows you to requeue a message. Requeuing a message will send the same message to the same lists, following the same criteria which had been chosen. However, only new subscribers to the lists will receive the message. All those who already received the message will not receive it again if you choose requeue.
This allows you to edit the message. After editing the message, you can send it again, with your changes. Please note that this edited message will be considered as a new message, but will not be sent to users that already received the message before.
click stats
Click to view click statistics: how many times did users click on certain links in the message you sent? etc.
This will delete the message from the list of messages.

draft, queued and RSS tabs

These tabs are similar to the sent tab, only you have less options. We only list below the peculiarities with the sent tab. The differences are self-explanatory:

Draft tab:
delete all draft messages without subject
status: draft

Queued tab:
status: submitted

RSS Messages always appears in this tab, and not in the sent tab, even if they are sent out. RSS Messages are sent out on a regular basis: daily, weekly or monthly, which is why they remain in the RSS tab, ready to be sent out again the following day, week or month, depending on the option selected for this message. See RSS Functions for more.

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