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Users: List all Users

This is the documentation page for Users

The Users page allows you to view all the users in the database. You can choose the order in which the users are listed. If you are not a SuperAdmin, you will only have access to all the users who have subscribed to at least one list which you own. For more, see ownership.

The Users page also allows you to search for users by using one of the attributes you have created in your database (by default: by email).

From this page, you can also export users to a CSV file (see exporting users).
This page also allows you to delete and add users.

For more on user files, see user file.


# Users found
Indicates the total number (#) of users in the database. If you are not a SuperAdmin, this will show the total number of users on any of the lists which you own.

Users marked red are unconfirmed (#)
Indicates the number (#) of users who are unconfirmed. When a user subscribes to one of your lists, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the email provided in the subscribe page. The user must click on the personal CONFIRMATIONURL contained in the email to confirm his/her subscription. An admin can confirm a user manually by modifying the User's file. Unconfirmed users do not receive any messages sent to lists. create link to documentation page on this

Show only unconfirmed users: [checkbox]
Self-explanatory. Click on the [checkbox] and click on Go (below) to list the unconfirmed users. For more on what 'unconfirmed' means, see remarks above.

Sorting users

Sort by:    [pulldown MENU]     D:  [radiobutton]   A:   [radiobutton]    [Go]
The [pulldown MENU] contains the following elements:

This will sort the users by the condition used, for the chosen option in the pulldown.

D and A
Descending and Ascending order, respectively. You have to click on Go to confirm the change.

Show only blacklisted users: [checkbox]
This will do the search but will only list blacklisted users.

Searching users

Find a user: [empty text field] [pulldown menu] Go [reset]
Allows you to search for user(s) by using only one search criterion. Procedure:
  1. Type in the search text in the [empty text field].
Note: you can input part of a word to find a match. For example: typing 'ohn' will find 'John', as well as 'Johnny' or 'Gohn'. No wildcard characters such as "*" are allowed. (verify? ?)
  1. Choose your search criterion in the [pulldown menu].
Note: the [pulldown menu] contains the list of attributes you have created. By default, [email] is shown. You can find users only by these attributes: Foreign Key, Select, Textline and Hidden.
  1. Click Go.
You may [reset] the search options at any time.

Note: If the total number of users is above 3 digits (above 999 users), you'll need to enter a % or @ in the search field to to display all users.

[download all users as csv file] [add a user]
Allows you to export all the users. For more, see Exporting users.
Allows you to add a user. For more, see user file.

List of users

Note: If there are many users, the first 50 users will be listed. You can then browse the following/previous pages to view the rest of the users:
Listing user 1 to 50
	<<   <    >   >>
Clicking on the double << or >> will display the first or last page of users on the list.
Clicking on the single < or > will display the next page of users on the list.

The list of users is displayed in several columns:
users confirmed bl l del key ???? lists msgs rss bncs [cross] [cross] [del] 0 0 0 0 [tick] [cross] [del] 2 3 1 0 [tick] [what's supposed to be here?] [del] 6 9 7 1

Lists the emails of the users (,, in this example). You can choose the order in which the users appear by using the Sort by option, see above: Sorting users.

If there is a greyish [tick], the user has confirmed his/her subscription by clicking the link on their confirmation email [include link] ( and in this example). If a red [cross] appears, the user has not confirmed his/her subscription ( in this example). Messages sent to a list are not sent to users who have not confirmed their subscription (in this example, did not receive any messages).

bl l
This indicates whether the user is blacklisted. A blacklisted user never receives any messages. A green tick means the user is blacklisted, and a red X means he's not blacklisted.

To Delete a user. Warning: this will delete the entire file of the user. You cannot undo this. If you wish to unsubscribe a user from a list, you can either go to the corresponding list's view members page, or change the user's personal file.

This is the user foreign key.

The number of lists the user is subscribed to (0, 2, and 6 in this example)

The number of messages the user has received (0, 3 and 9 in this example). Question; is it the total number of messages ever received? or of messages sent to the lists owned by the admin only? ?

# rss
The number of RSS messages the user has received (0, 1 and 7 in this example). Question; is it the total number of messages ever received? or of messages sent to the lists owned by the admin only? ?

The number of bounced messages (0, 0 and 1 in this example). A bounced message is a message that did not reach the user for a number of possible reasons. For more, see view bounces

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