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List and User Functions : Documentation

What is a User?

Main page: List all USERS
-Search users
-User file
For PHPlist, a user is first and foremost an email registered on the phplist database. Each email is a user and each user has its own file with values chosen for each attribute in the system.
Depending on which attributes are created by the site administrators, more information can be attached to a user besides his/her email: last name, country, computer used, favorite color, etc.

What is a List?

Main page: List the current LISTS
-Create/modify the description and parameters of a list, tips on how to use lists
-View Members: List, add, remove users on a list, move users to another list
With PHPlist, users can subscribe to lists which are administered by admins who can send messages to these lists. These lists appear to work like ordinary mailinglists, but they are not ordinary mailing lists:
  1. Lists are not for discussion in phplist. Lists are used to send messages one-way only.
  2. Contrary to a regular mailinglist system which typically only records a user's email, phplist allows admins to create additional attributes which can be used to send targeted messages.

For example, if an admin has created 3 attributes: Name, City, Favorite Color, he/she can send a message to a list with 3000 subscribers only to the users who live in "Honolulu" and whose favorite color is "Pink". Instead of drowning 3000 people with information that only those 34 pink-lovers in Honolulu would be interested in, phplist allows admins to send emails to the right people.

The notion of "list ownership"

Each list is owned by only one administrator. Each administrator can own several lists. An administrator cannot send a message to lists owned by other administrators.
Important: each administrator can only have access to the user files of people who have subscribed to at least one list they administer. Only SuperAdmins have access to all the users and all the lists.

Exporting Users

Main page: Export users
-Exporting all users
-Exporting users of a list
Exporting users allows you to use the users' data in any spreadsheet program. This can be useful when you wish to conduct a statistical survey on the users on your database which requires specialized computing skills only available on dedicated programs. phplist is not designed to do elaborate calculations or search queries and to present the result in an easy-to-use format.

Importing Users

Main page: Import users
-Importing users
Any number of email addresses can be imported into phplist from a spreadsheet.

Reconcile users

Main page: Reconcile users
- several options to maintain the user lists
The Reconcile users page provides several options to maintain the user lists. These include: delete all users not subscribed to any list, find users with an invalid email, delete users with an invalid email, mark all users to receive html, etc.

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