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phplist Development

In order to help out developing, it will be useful to set yourself up with a Development Environment. Once you have that all running, there are some issues about the Coding Style.

Phplist currently doesn't really have a very organised plan about direction of development. Most new features are added because someone requests the feature and is prepared to pay for it. If you find anyone who wants to pay you to add something, don't hesitate and go ahead. Probably best is to work on it in your own code branch, and then merge it into the main development branch. However, make sure not to take too long, otherwise merging becomes a nightmare.

When you start coding on your local system and make sure that it all works ok, you can either try to get write access to the Subversion repository, or submit a patch. As usual with open source development, getting write access to the repository will require a bit of kudos, which will take time to build up. So while you're not in that stage you can submit a patch instead. Once you've managed to submit a few patches that were clean to apply and did something nice to the system that didn't break anything, it should be easy to get write access.

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Add-ons, plugins, tricks, MODs

  • Hacks: Tricks, code modifs and add-ons that are not part of the actual phplist distribution, but can simplify life a lot. Some php or system knowledge required.

How to use different HTML editors with PHPList.

Translation Project

Everything on translation of phplist

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