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This page is provides a glossary of terms frequently used in phpList. Feel free to add a term you think may be useful to other users.
  • Attachment repository - The "attachment repository" is a directory phplist needs for storing the attachments sent with list messages. The location of the attachment repository is defined in the configuration file (config.php) through the $attachment_repository setting.
  • Backend - The back-end of phpList refers to the administrators interface, i.e., all the pages viewable only by administrators (with the various functions: user, messages, system, etc.).
  • Batch processing - Batch processing of messages refers to sending portions of the total number of messages within a specified time frame. If you are on a shared host, it will probably be appreciated if you don't send out loads of emails in one go. Some shared hosts may even have put a limit to the number of messages you may send per hour or per day. To address these limits you can configure batch processing in your config.php file, through the MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE and MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD settings. See PhpListConfigSendRate
  • Blacklist - The Blacklist, or 'blocking list', is a list of all users that unsubscribed. When a user unsubscribes from all lists, his/her email address is automatically placed on the 'blacklist' in order to make sure you never send them any message again in the future.
  • Frontend - The front-end of phpList refers to all the pages viewable by the public (such as subscribe page, preferences page, etc.), as opposed to the administrators (such as attributes, send a message, etc.).
  • Template - usually refers to message template in the context of phpList.
  • Throttle - Throttle refers to the send speed setting of phpList. To be more precise, it refers to a small delay between each sent message, in order to slow down the send speed and thus avoid overloading the server. Throttle can be configured through the MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE or the MAILQUEUE_AUTOTHROTTLE setting in config.php. See PhpListConfigSendRate

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