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January 2012.

In order to make it easier to translate the texts in the code (the "lan" folders) a new translation system has been set up.
The system uses pootle a collaborative open source translation tool.

You can find it at

Anyone can suggest translations and help out. If you want to become a moderator/reviewer for a language, post your request to the translators mailinglist.

If you want to translate a language that is not listed, you can ask it to be added on the mailinglist as well.

How does this work

Just a short explanation on how it works to manage translations.

phpList is continuously updated and changed and so are the texts that are used across the application. When these change, they are collected in a "template" language file called phplist.pot

This file is added and updated in the SVN repository and then checked out (every now and then) on the translation server. Currently that process is manual.
When you are editing your language, and you have permissions, you can go to the Files tab in Pootle and click the link called "update files from templates". This will update your language to include the new texts that have been added to the application translation template.

As a result, the translation will always be a little behind the application, but you can try to stay on top of it. The Pootle progress will show what still needs translating.

The phpList SVN dev site is updated from the latest source code every hour. As a result it may at times not work, when someone accidentally committed an error, but in general it should be fine.

In this site, you can request the language files to be updated from the System Menu. It will then fetch the latest "phplist.po" for the language you request and parse it to update the language texts. It will place it in the database and use it as first option for a translated string. If no text is found for a string, it will try the old system of the "include" files in the "lan" directory.

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