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Feature Additions

note: due to repeated spam, this page is temporarily read-only

I just wanted a page where I can describe a bit new things I've added, so it can be incorporated at a later stage somewhere else.

version 2.11 developments: NewIn211

update 28 April 2005, another thing added: AdvancedBounceHandling

I've just added "Forward to someone else"

The way it works is like this:

in an email you can use two Placeholders, either [FORWARD] or [FORWARDFORM]

the latter is only useful for HTML email. [FORWARD] will add a link to the email that goes back to the website to fill out a little form, enter an email and it will send the related newsletter to the email, as if it is from the user who is forwarding.

[FORWARDFORM] adds the email entry box to the HTML email, and points back to the site as well to do the actual forwarding.

In the configuration, there is a new option which is the "footer" of a forwarded email, that will be used in case of forwarding, instead of the normal footer. This fotoer can contain [SUBSCRIBE] to point the person who receives the forwarding to the place where they can sign up to the mailinglists.

Formatting of the form in the email can be done using the CSS classes:

.forwardform -> formtag
.forwardinput -> input box
.forwardsubmit -> submit button

a few new texts have been added to "" for translation.

- placeholders will be replaced by nothing, if the user does not exist in the database.
- users who it is forwarded to are not added to the database (and won't either)
- if sending fails, the error is "forwarding failed", but no extra information to avoid data mining.
- currently it's only logged that something has been forwarded, but it is not remembered by user or anything.
- if click tracking is enabled, it will not be enabled for forwarded messages, as it is user dependent and would therefore fail, because the user doesn't exist.

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