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Send a Message: Attach tab

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You can add as many attachments to your message as you like, but the number listed here is defined in your config.php file:
# attachments is a new feature and is currently still experimental
# set this to 1 if you want to try it
# caution, message may become very large. it is generally more
# acceptable to send a URL for download to users
# if you try it, it will be appreciated to give feedback to the
# users mailinglist, so we can learn whether it is working ok
# using attachments requires PHP 4.1.0 and up

# if you use the above, how many would you want to add per message (max)
# You can leave this 1, even if you want to attach more files, because
# you will be able to add them sequentially

# when using attachments you can upload them to the server
# if you want to use attachments from the local filesystem (server) set this to 1
# filesystem attachments are attached at real send time of the message, not at
# the time of creating the message

# if you add filesystem attachments, you will need to tell PHPlist where your
# mime.types file is.

# if a mimetype cannot be determined for a file, specify the default mimetype here:

Attachment repository
In order to use the attachment feature you will need to configure the 'attachment repository', i.e. a folder on your server where attachments are stored. This folder must be writable by your webserver user. It also needs to be a full path, not a relative one. For security reasons it is best if this directory is not public, i.e., it should preferably outside your website's document root.

$attachment_repository = '/tmp';

Please Note: Attachments will be included in HTML emails, and will be added as a link to the website in Text emails
The description field will be used in the text messages only

Add attachments to your message
The upload has the following limits set by the server:
Maximum size of total data being sent to the server: 8M
Maximum size of each individual file: 50M
New Attachment	  [button] [Add (and save) button]
Description of attachment: [text area field]

Test message

Send test message button to email address(es): [empty field]
(comma separate addresses - all must be users)
This feature allows you to send a test message to the email addresses typed in the empty field (use commas to separate addresses). All email addresses must correspond to a user in your system.
This feature is particularly useful if you have complex messages with several placeholders, links or HTML formatting. What you see is not necessarily what you get, so send yourself a test message to see what the message looks like. The placeholders will be replaced by the values in the file of the user who will receive the test message. If the user is John Doe, and you send John Doe the test message, the placeholder [NAME] will be replaced by... John Doe.
Note: you will receive automatically two test messages: one in plain text, one with HTML formatting. When you send the message normally, users will only receive one version (the one they prefer/you chose for them).

Save changes button
DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES by clicking on this button before proceeding to the other tab(s).

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