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Send a Message: Lists tab

Other tabs:


Please select the lists you want to send it to:

[checkbox] All Lists
[checkbox] list 1 (List is not Active)
[checkbox] list 2 (List is Active)

Select the lists to be excluded.

[checkbox] list 1 (List is not Active)
[checkbox] list 2 (List is Active)

The message will go to users who are a member of the lists above,
unless they are a member of one of the lists you select here.

(For an explanation of what an 'active' list is, see lists.)

The lists which are available are the lists which you own. See Lists.
You can select to send your message to all the lists you own, or to any combination of lists. You must choose at least one option to send a message.
You can also select lists you want to exclude. If a user is on an excluded list, he/she will not receive your message, even if he/she is on lists which you have selected to send your message to.

Example: If a user is on 'list 1' and 'list 2', and you select to send your message to 'list 1' but you exclude 'list 2', then your user will not receive your message.

Send Message to the Selected Mailinglists button
This will place the message in the message queue. To actually send out the message, you will still have to click on the 'Process queue' link on the menu bar on the right, or let a cron job process the queue. See also: Process the Message Queue.

Send test message button to email address(es): [empty field]
(comma separate addresses - all must be users)
This feature allows you to send a test message to the email addresses typed in the empty field (use commas to separate addresses). All email addresses must correspond to a user in your system. See Content tab for more.
NOTE: list selection is not taken into account when you send a test message.

Save changes button
DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES by clicking on this button before proceeding to the other tab(s).

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