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Send a Message: Misc tab

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email to alert when sending of this message starts          [empty text field]
(separate multiple with a comma)

email to alert when sending of this message has finished        [empty text field]
(separate multiple with a comma)
Only system administrators receive automatic messages telling them that messages are being sent out, or that messages have been sent out. If you want to receive a copy of these 'warning messages', type your email(s) in the appropriate field ('when the sending starts' and/or 'when the sending has finished'). You will receive a warning email only for this message. You will not receive warnings for any other messages.

Send test message button to email address(es): [empty field]
(comma separate addresses - all must be users)
This feature allows you to send a test message to the email addresses typed in the empty field (use commas to separate addresses). All email addresses must correspond to a user in your system. See Content tab for more.

Save changes button
DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES by clicking on this button before proceeding to the other tab(s).

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