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Send a Message: Scheduling tab

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Embargoed Until:	 [day][month][year][hour][minutes]

You can embargo a message so it is not sent before the date and time you indicate by using the pull-down menus. By default it will be set so as to be sent immediately. The message will be queued at the time you specify. You will then need to run the process queue for sending to begin. Sending will not begin automatically.

Please note: the embargo has an effect on the time sending of your message will start. This does not mean the messages will actually arrive in the users' Inboxes at that time.

RSS scheduling

If you want to use this message as the template for sending RSS feeds
select the frequency it should be used for and use [RSS] in your message
to indicate where the list of items needs to go.
none [radiobutton] Daily [radiobutton]  Weekly  [radiobutton] Monthly [radiobutton] 

Self-explanatory. Please see RSS feature for more.

Test message

Send test message to email address(es): [empty field]
(comma separate addresses - all must be users)
This feature allows you to send a test message to the email addresses typed in the empty field (use commas to separate addresses). All email addresses must correspond to a user in your system. See Content tab for more.

Save changes button
DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE CHANGES by clicking on this button before proceeding to the other tab(s).

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