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Setting Admin Permissions

Not all admins have equal rights: some can use all the functions in phplist, some can only use a few functions. These rights are called permissions, and they are set by SuperAdmins using the Permissions page.

General Description

Set permissions to view pages in the system:
All: admin has access to page without restrictions
View: admin can view content of pages, but not change anything.
	   This currently only works for the "user", "users" and "members" pages.
None: admin cannot see this page
Owner: admin can see this page, but only see the content of the lists they own

General presentation:
Type Page none all view owner
admin admins
admin admin
admin none
admin owner
clickstats statsmgt
clickstats mclicks
etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

For definitions of All, View, None, and Owner see above.
For an example of permissions settings for a restricted admin, see bottom of page.

This refers to the type of page the page belongs to. It roughly corresponds to the divisions by "Functions" that are found in the phplist Main Page: System Functions, Configuration Functions, Lists and User Functions, Administrator Functions, Message Functions.

This refers to the different pages that belong to each type of page.

Below, we will use the following writing convention: Type : Page : Description

admin : admins : Allow access to the list of admins. See Admins Page.
admin : admin : Allows the admin to have access to the page allowing him/her to modify their admin details (login, email, password).. See Admins Page
admin : owner : What's this?

clickstats : statsmgt : What's this?
clickstats : mclicks : What's this?
clickstats : uclicks : What's this?
clickstats : userclicks : What's this?
clickstats : mviews : What's this?

list : list : Allow access to the listing of lists. See ListListsInfo
list : editlist : Allows admin to edit a list's parameters. See Edit list
list : members : Allows admin to view a list's members. See ViewMembersInfo

message : message : What's this?
message : messages : Allows admin to view the list of sent/draft/queued/RSS messages. See ListMessagesInfo
message : processqueue : Allows admin to process the message queue. See ProcessQueueInfo
message : send : Allows admin to send a message. See SendMessageInfo
message : preparesend : What's this?
message : sendprepared : What's this?
message : template : Allows admin to access templates for messages. add link + verify
message : templates : Allows admin to create/change templates for messages. See ConfigureTemplatesInfo

system : adminattributes : Allows admin to access his/her own admin attributes. See AdminAttributesInfo
system : attributes : Allows admin to access the list of attributes. See ConfigureAttributesInfo
system : upgrade : Allows admin to perform an upgrade. verify
system : configure : Allows admin to access the system configuration page. See configure phplist
system : spage : Allows admin to access the list of subscribe pages. See Subscribe pages
system : spageedit : Allows admin to edit subscribe pages. See EditSubscribePageInfo
system : defaultconfig : What's this?
system : defaults : What's this?
system : initialise : Allows admin to initialise the system. verify + add link
system : bounces : Allows admin to access to the View bounces page. See ViewBouncesInfo verify + add link
system : bounce :
system : processbounces : Allows admin to process bounces. See ProcessBouncesInfo
system : eventlog : Allows admin to access the event log. See EventLogInfo
system : reconcileusers : Allows admin to reconcile users. See ReconcileUsersInfo
system : getrss : Allows admin to import RSS items. See GetRSSInfo
system : viewrss : Allows admin to view RSS items. See ViewRSSInfo
system : setup : Allows admin to access the functions on the setup page. See PhplistSetupInfo
system : dbcheck : Allows admin to perform a database check. See DatabaseCheckInfo

user : user : Allows admin to access individual user files. See UserInfo
user : users : Allows admin to access list of users. See ListUsersInfo
user : dlusers : Allows admin to download user files. See add link + what's difference with export?
user : editattributes : Allows admin to access the "Control values for" attributes on "manage users" page
user : import1 : Allows admin to access "import emails with the same values for attributes". See ImportUsersInfo
user : import2 : Allows admin to access "import emails with different values for attributes". See ImportUsersInfo
user : import3 : Allows admin to access "import emails from an imap account". See ImportUsersInfo
user : import4 : Allows admin to access "import emails from another database". See ImportUsersInfo
user : import : Allows admin to access the import page. Verify this See ImportUsersInfo
user : export : Allows admin to export/download users. See ExportUsersInfo
user : usercheck : Allows admin to access the "check for users" function of "manage users" page
user : massunconfirm: Allows admin to mass unconfirm users.

Example --Please verify the settings to see if they fit with the description below!

The following settings are an example of proper settings for a restricted admin:
-This restricted admin has only access to lists he/she owns and to the user files of users subscribed to lists he/she owns.
-This restricted admin can only export the lists he/she owns, send messages to the lists he/she owns, and view messages that he/she has sent.
-This restricted admin cannot import users, nor have access to system functions, nor process the queue, and cannot change his/her own login/password.
-This restricted admin can view click stats and RSS items.

Type Page none all view owner
admin admins X
admin admin X
admin none X
admin owner X
clickstats statsmgt X
clickstats mclicks X
clickstats uclicks X
clickstats userclicks X
clickstats mviews X
list list X
list editlist X
list members X
message message X
message messages X
message processqueue X
message send X
message preparesend X
message sendprepared X
message template X
message templates X
message all X
system adminattributes X
system attributes X
system upgrade X
system configure X
system spage X
system spageedit X
system defaultconfig X
system defaults X
system initialise X
system bounces X
system bounce X
system processbounces X
system eventlog X
system reconcileusers X
system getrss X
system viewrss X
system setup X
system dbcheck X
user user X
user users X
user dlusers X
user editattributes X
user usercheck X
user import1 X
user import2 X
user import3 X
user import4 X
user import X
user export X

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