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How to insert images in your template

This pages describes how to insert images in your template. Note that this is a first draft.

Template upload procedure

This method describes how to insert images in your template using the upload procedure, which involves uploading your template file and it's images from your local computer to the phplist database.

1. First create a directory on your local computer where you will place both the template file and all the images you want included in the template.

2. Edit your template with your favourite html editor on your local computer and check that the image tags have NO urls. If you have urls in your image tags, remove them leaving only the name of the image file, e.g <img src="image.jpg" ...etc. >.
- Make sure you insert the placeholder [CONTENT] in your template.
- Save this template file as mytemplate.html in the above mentioned directory on the harddisk of your local computer.

3. Load the Phplist admin module, and create a new template.
- Give the template a title.
- Than click on Browse, select the mytemplate.html file on your local computer (the editing window will remain empty at this point), select "Check that all links have a full URL", and leave the other selection boxes blank.
- Click Save Changes.

4. You will probably be presented with a screen saying "template saved", and giving you the possibility to upload images.
- Click on the Browse button and select the images you want to upload from your computer.
- Click Save Images.

The images you uploaded to your system are stored in the phplist database and will be included as embedded images in your template when sending your messages.

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