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FCKEditor is the HTML editor included with the phpList distribution archive. It can be used to create and edit email messages and message templates.

FCKeditor will also allow you to upload images to the phpList directory on your website, which can then be linked to from within your messages. By default, after installing phpList, FCKEditor will allow you to link to an image on your site when you click on the image icon. But it will not let you upload an image till you have created the upload directory and set the correct read/write permissions. To enable this:
  • Create a folder in your phpList root directory called 'uploadimages', or any other name you defined for the FCKIMAGES_DIR in your config.php file (see below).
  • Change the permissions of this folder to allow write access (e.g., "chmod 755 uploadimages").
The image selection window in FCKEditor will then automatically change to allow uploading images to this folder and thus permit you to link to them in your messages. No changes to the FCKEditor configuration are required.

# If you want to upload images to the FCKeditor, you need to specify the location
# of the directory where the images go. This needs to be writable by the webserver,
# and it needs to be in your public document (website) area
# the directory is relative to the root of phpList as set above
# This is a potential security risk, so read for more information

Editor window

You can change the size of the FCKeditor window on the configuration page. This might be useful for big size monitor screens.

Disabling FCKeditor

FCKeditor is enabled by default. If you want to use the TinyMCE editor instead, or if you don't want to use any editor, you can disable FCKeditor with the following setting in the config.php file:

# the FCKeditor is now included in phpList, but the use of it is experimental
# if it's not working for you, set this to 0
# NOTE: If you enable TinyMCE please disable FCKeditor and vice-versa.

Configuring FCKeditor

Some configuration option can be found in the lists/admin/fckphplist.php file. Be careful when applying changes to this file and make sure you have a backup copy.
For more information on using and configuring FCKeditor, see the FCKeditor documentation wiki and the FCKeditor Forum.

Troubleshooting FCKeditor

Please consult the FCKeditor troubleshooting documentation
See also: FCKeditor user guide

Tips & Tricks from the forum

Fix for FCKeditor fullpage editing
Fix for FCKeditor blank page

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